ST-DIY Electric Guitar Assembly Kit

Specification: Alder Body, Hard Maple Neck, S-S-H Pickup set (Alnico), Synchronized Tremolo Bridge, Tremolo Bar, Machine Heads, Pickguard, Jack Plate, Joint Plate, Selector Switch, Potentiometers, Volume & Tone Knobs, Springs, D'addario EXL120 set (009), and all the miscellaneous parts for assembly.

SWING ST-DIY Kit allows any player to assemble her/his own electric guitar with a couple of simple tool. ST-DIY features selected Alder Body, Canadian Hard Maple Neck, and Elecoat-shield in its Electronics cavity.

Produced as completely assembled guitars initially and then have been disassembled to prevent unstable neck-body joint and setup.

It should be a good chance for the players to assemble their own guitars and to understand how electric guitars work.