Lance Reegan-Diehl


With eleven studio albums to date. His latest work is "Uploaded" and it's
available at iTunes, Napster, and Reverbnation. Lance creates magic in
digital and analog packages, live performances, and clinics. Lance is a
classic Indie artist: plenty of fortitude and drive to succeed in a
competitive market. He is also a consummate musician, producer,
clinician, businessman; a model to follow for indie artists everywhere.

Lance finds inspiration for his music in spirituality and strives to attain
enlightenment through music and words. He's a busy artist and creates new
productions while working on projects for others, as writer, engineer
and producer. These varied roles are critical to Lance's
own success because he's always developing and feeding his
creative energy. Lance always studies and explores every type
of music and recording technique in order to improve his art and.
The L.R.D. Band is Lance Reegan-Diehl on guitar, vocals and synths,
David Dauberman on the bass, and Megan Kim on vocals.

Lance incorporates an original unification of styles and ideas to create 
an individual sound found in his music, sessions, and TV/movie spots.
When he is not hard at work in the studio, he is touring as solo artist
or in his band globall. He has had opening spots with major selling stars,
and this continues as Lance and his band perform concerts and clinics
for audiences, and on going support for the U.S. armed forces. He is also
still involved in Korea's own K-Pop music scene. Doing the studio work
and having performed guitar on 5 number one hits in Korea from 2002 to 2008,
he is no stranger to Channel V spotlight, MTV, stadium stages,
or televised concerts in front of thousands. His 2009 acoustic release
for KBS records in Korea sold over 30,000 copies of the CD.

In addition to being the ultimate musical multi-tasking magician in the
studio and onstage, he passes on his gift as a music teacher and clinician.
Lance works from a place that has a strong foothold and understanding of
all aspects of music and how the listener perceives it. His lecture topics
include dealing with the music business, getting along with people in very
close quarters, and ultimately understanding the language of the musician.