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Swing EX-1, EX-1P New Models

Swing Guitars have launched new moderls ' EX-1 and EX-1P ' Please click each link to see for more information. 1. EX-1 ...

  • 2016.03.05

Swing Modern Series New Product

Swing Guitars have launched new moderls ' Modern Seires' with New Pickup 'Soul Breaker' There are two moderls 'Modern' an...

  • 2015.02.05

Swing Hard Rock Machine New Product

Swing Guitars have launched new product with guitarist of Heavy metal band BLACK SYNDROME 'Kim Jaeman' signature series. Ple...

  • 2014.06.03

Swing Effector Brand "TONE BOX"

Swing Effector Brand, TONE BOX has launched with good price. There are 6 different types of effector models. 1. ANALO...

  • 2014.01.23

Swing PRISM, PRISM SE Reproduction !!

Prism, Prism SE Series have reproduced recently and improved with benefits than before. It is that Fingerboard is manufactur...

  • 2014.01.23

Swing Standard Series Reproduction !!

STANDARD SERIES 1. Standard Models 2. Standard Plus Models 3. Standard Ash Models STANDARD SERIES have reproduced re...

  • 2014.01.22

New Product !! Swing Classic Custom !!

SPECIFICATIONS BODY Mahogany Body + 20mm Hard Maple Top Mahogany Neck (Set-in-Neck Construction) NECK Ebony Fingerboard...

  • 2014.01.22

Gon has released his first regular album! / Music Video

Guitarist Park Chang Gon, one of Swing's endorsers has released his first regular album with the title of "GONI PARK". Please...

  • 2012.11.14

Swing SMS-120 ZD (Zebra Decal) is now available

With its excellent zebra decal, Swing SM-120 Zebra attracts your eyes! (More Info)

  • 2012.07.05

The newest Swing bass signature models for Korean Legendary Bassist

Swing has brought its newest bass signature models, Mikki Custom & Mikki for Korean legendary Bassist, Mr. Kim Young Jin (M...

  • 2012.07.05